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Many people do not realize that images appearing on the Internet are not necessarily free for use by anyone who can find them.

In fact, unless you have the permission of the person who owns the copyrights in an image you find on the Internet, it may be a violation of those copyrights for you to use the image to illustrate your social networking profile. While it is true that many artist and photographers have dedicated their works for use by all, the vast majority of images that one finds on the Internet are not free, and using those images without permission could get you into some trouble.

The only way to be sure that you have the right to use an image on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn timeline, or anywhere else, is to obtain permission from the party who owns the rights to the image prior to your use of the image.

This site is provided as a way for you to purchase permission from one of our contributing photographers or artists in exchange for a license fee, which entitles you to personal use of the licensed image. We've selected images that are intended to work well with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn timeline, based on applicable size and dimension requirements. Go ahead and look around!

Search for that perfect image to go on your timeline. When you find it, you can purchase the right to use it and avoid potentially taking someone's copyrighted work without permission.